NorthWest Lacrosse, Youth Lacrosse located in Kalispell, Montana but serving the whole Flathead Valley.

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Important Notes for Coaches Attending the 2017 Northwest Shootout:


Please make sure you go to our website and read the documents on instructions and rules for the Jamboree.  Below is a brief summary of “some” key points but does not represent a complete list.

  • Administration

    • Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game

    • Make sure you check in at the Northwest Shootout Headquarters

  • Rules and Officials

    • All games are 48 minutes… 2 – 24 minute running time halves with a 5 minute half time

      • All games are started and ended together by the on-field Northwest Shootout Game Starters

      • Games delayed in starting will NOT make up time by continuing play after the scheduled end of a half or game.

      • Game time will not be extended nor running time stopped for injuries or Time Outs.

      • Teams get one timeout per game. There are NO Time Outs given in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half. We are playing “running time”.

      • Players called for Unsportsmanlike fouls and Unnecessary Roughness fouls will sit out the remainder of the half.  Officials will be told to make such an appropriate call in cases of:

        • High Hits

        • Hits to or using a helmet

        • Slash with intention to hurt a player

        • Body Check “legal” or otherwise with the intention to hurt or injure the opponent in the discretion of the official

      • Officials can and will eject a player for more than one of these fouls and/or based on the severity of a single infraction.

      • In the case of a game ejection the player will not be allowed to play the next game either. This is consistent with the in season rule of sitting out a game if a player is ejected.

      • All other personal fouls will have the offending player in the penalty box for 2 minutes (since it is running time). He is replaced on the field and the opponent will start with a fast break set up at center X.

      • Weather

        • The Jamboree will be play rain, snow or shine.

        • In case of lightning, fields will be cleared until 30 minutes after the storm passes and then the games will resume based on the next full time slot.  Games that were missed will not be rescheduled.  All efforts will be made to find openings for teams that missed games.